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Intelligent Lighting System

Aetna Corp. offers our customers enhanced LED-based Intelligent Systems to best enhance your space.


Lighting Retrofits and the Link between LEDs and Sensors

A lighting retrofit is the process of replacing parts of an older system with their updated, often more energy-efficient counterparts, in addition to other components that make it possible to do so. Retrofits can ultimately save building owners enough energy, and thus money, to pay for themselves (as noted in the Light Guide provided by –

What is a net metering cap, and how does it affect solar in Massachusetts?

Solar is important to Massachusetts. Solar energy, supplied by the sun’s rays, can be converted into electricity or heat without giving off greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming (which the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently reported is happening, whether we like it or not).’s Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs provides a

What do the candidates for MA Governor have to say about energy and the environment?

This year’s Massachusetts Gubernatorial election has three Democrat, two Republican, and three Independent candidates pitted against one another to replace Deval Patrick as state governor (WBUR, Boston’s NPR news station, offers brief bios of all these candidates on their website). It can be hard to tell the difference, sometimes, between them—especially those Democrats, the Republicans offering one


What we do

With nearly a century of servicing commercial, industrial and retail businesses, Aetna Corp. is only getting started. A forward thinking perspective partnered with years of valuable experience has enabled Aetna Corp. to remain one of the most innovative and trusted companies in the field. The recipe behind innovative lighting solutions since 1927.



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  • Uninterruptible / Interruptible Power Supplies (UPS 8-IPS)
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