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Innovative Lighting Solutions Since 1927

For over 80 years Aetna Corp. has remained at the vanguard of the industry, implementing new technologies and industry improvements. Aetna Corp.'s success is based on holding true to founding principles, and nine decades later, standards for superior customer service at the highest level of expertise are still being set.

Originally founded to provide electrical service repairs, Aetna Corp's reputation for customer-driven solutions quickly spread throughout New England. Soon Aetna Corp. began offering predetermined monthly service agreements, a first in Boston, and in doing so firmly established a place in the lighting maintenance industry. Businesses throughout the East Coast from Maine to Virginia are taking advantage of utility rebates for lighting upgrades by calling on Aetna Corp.'s staff of highly trained and experienced lighting professionals.

With nearly a century of servicing commercial, industrial and retail businesses, Aetna Corp. is only getting started. A forward thinking perspective partnered with years of valuable experience has enabled Aetna Corp. to remain one of the most innovative and trusted companies in the field. Technology Δ Energy Δ Environment. The recipe behind innovative lighting solutions since 1927.

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Aetna is committed to providing the latest in lighting technology at the highest level of customer service. Please let us know how we can serve you.